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Calm Sea

Leadership Philosophy

The power for authentic leadership is not found in external arrangements, but in the human heart

- Parker J. Palmer

The Beginning of Change

When I started my organizational leadership journey with Gonzaga in the fall of 2020, I was completely burned out with exhaustion from the change in my organization and the change in my life.  Yet, I still felt like "I" personally needed change.  After many moments of reflection with my husband, son, mentors, family and friends, I did something I have never done before.  I left my dream job, my colleagues and friends, and the company I loved more than anything in pursuit of unwiring myself and a time of deep reflection and self-awareness, forgiveness, and a place where I could love myself again.  I went to the desert in search of water.


My bucket list included receiving my Master's degree by a milestone birthday and so it began!  I had Gonzaga University on my watch list for several years.  I love Zag basketball and the connection with the Organizational Leardership program focus on my entire "self" seemed liked a good fit.  What I found with my professors and classmates at Gonzaga was not only the educational background for learning the practice of Leadership but also the safety in the space for the reflection of the leader that I had intentionally or unintentionally became throughout the course of my life.  I was able to disect key moments along my journey and heal and grow from the learnings.  I also was able to make peace with many of the moments that were holding me back from becoming the leader that I had hoped and inspired to be.  


The change that happened inside of me over the past 18 months that had been so incredibly challenging and difficult has now become rewarding and exciting.  Once completely lost on who I had become, I now hope to share with everyone that change begins deep inside of each of us and if you put in the hard work of awareness and disovery, it will be worth it.

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