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I came to the desert to find water
and restored my soul
- Amy Plew - 

ORGL 506: 
Leadership and Diversity 

This course taught me to examine my personal views and theories regarding diversity and the role leadership plays.  I reflected on my biases and dug deeper into the genesis of my conscious and unconscious thoughts and ideas.  The awareness of my blind spots in this area was helpful for me to understand who I want to be as an inclusive leader and to celebrate the unique views of others.   My learnings were included in my literature review (click image below) and manager training.

ORGL 515: 
Leadership and Human Potential

This course taught me the foundational learnings and tools of design thinking, appreciative inquiry, and action research.  I learned about a growth mindset and how to address more profound organizational challenges through empowering those around us.  This class was also where I developed the concept of a tool that would expand beyond a mattress donation program into everyday use for people to connect in their community resulting in my capstone project.

View Artifact Here

ORGL 518: 
Transforming Leadership

ORGL 615:
Organizational Theory & Behavior

This course taught me valuable lessons on the dynamics of a group and the impact I make on a group.  Collectively we created a presentation that analyzed a company (Mindtree) and the theory and behaviors behind the organization and our critical analysis of how they can improve.  I learned the foundations of systems thinking and the importance of empowerment among EVERYONE in a group. Continuing to build muscle in communication, relationship and conflict were key reflections for me. 


I also incorporated my learnings into a Confidential Information Memorandum that addressed the current status by using Casual Loop Diagrams:  Management of Workload (Blue), Supply and Product (Green), Employee Incentives (Red), Quality and Suppliers (yellow), and the overall organization.  I provided an overview and analysis under each diagram with my recommendations for improvement. Click on the image below to learn more 

ORGL 620: 
Leadership: Seminar

This class allowed me to bring all my learnings from the past 18 months into one project that will demonstrate the knowledge, growth, and development that I have not only learned personally but will also show professionally in the future and the desire to commit to lifelong learning and growth and development and to impact and affect change.

View Artifact Here - WILL UPLOAD 

ORGL 517: 
Organizational Change Transformation

Still to be completed (FALL 2022)

ORGL 600: 
Foundations of Leadership

This class started my entire program and helped me to reflect on the leader I currently was, the influences of leadership on my life, and my dreams of the leader I wanted to become.  I also learned about the five organizational frames that can assist me along my leadership journey and adopted the pillars of my leadership philosophy which include philosophy, attitude, principles, and behaviors. By reflecting on Freire, P. (2000). Pedagogy of the oppressed (click image below), I learned that focusing on the conditions for authentic dialogue and the importance of leading with love.

Finally, the philosophy of Ignatius has become clear to me throughout this journey that it is exactly that and not a destination and is now embedded in me as my purpose rather than just a subject matter of knowledge and corporate KPIs. 

View Philosophy of Leadership Statement

ORGL 610: 
Communication & Leadership Ethics


This class taught me the incredible importance of communication as a leader.  I learned through the reflection of Snowden and Harvard emails about who I am and whom I am becoming, how important what I do and say matters, and how my actions and voice directly affect others.  It is critical that as a leader I lead with influence instead of authority (by position or title) to bring others along with me on my journey and to build trust to be brought on their journey.

I share a very personal and heartbreaking journey of complex ethical and unethical action and inaction.

ORGL 605: 
Imagine, Create, Lead

This class was an online seminar and challenged me to see and see again.  I learned again to question my own bias and begin practicing the art of reflection on my daily decisions.  This helped me journal, reflect and engage in my own thinking as well as see constant feedback on improvement in all areas of my life and relationship.   I have become more comfortable with feedback and willing to adjust my methods of leadership to continue and grow on my leadership journey.

View Grow Where You Are Planted

ORGL 516: 
Relational Dynamics and Organizational Development

This course taught me how to focus on seeing and changing organizations through the research, theory, models, and practice (praxis) field of Organizational Development (OD).  I learned how as a leader I can support other leaders, as mid-level managers or OD consultants, and all members of an organization through change.  I collaborated with team and created an OD presentation, which can be viewed by clicking on the image below.  I learned the human centric approach of organizational development and I constructed a change agent strategy 

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